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Kuureshi Manufacturing Fh-98 Garif DP-ERC
The Fh-98 Garif Dual-Phase Electromagnetic Coil-Rifle (DP-ECR), or simply the Garif ERC and Garif assault rifle, is the standard-issue medium-distance weapon platform developed by Kuureshi Manufacturing for the Unified Gaennai Army (UGA). 
MAS Hm-337 Giilgamish Combat Power Armor
The Hm-337 Giilgamish Combat Power Armor, produced by Masinissa Armored Systems (a subdivision of the Barasani Conglomerate), is the primary combat-capable power suit for the Combined Gaennai Arms. The Giilgamish, named so to reflect super-human capabilities of the ancient Urukian hero Gilgamesh, represents the pinnacle of Gaennai protective technology, featuring powerful personal infantry shields and Kassemi plating. Underneath is a system of synthetic muscles that act as a last line of defense as well as provide the wearer with increased strength, agility, and reaction times. Additionally, a general-use optical nano-camouflage coating allows the user to disorient hostiles with an imperfect reflection of the environment hidden by the Giilgamish's shape. The Combined Arms Edict of 3329 requires all houses under the Imperial Banner to field the Giilgamish in an offensive and defensive capacity. Above is a Hm-337 in Imperial Army colors.
Periphery of the Eastward Rim
The Periphery of the Eastward Rim, also known simply as the Periphery, is the east-and-northeastern region of human space that contains the Peripherian League, made of the Empire of Gaennan, the Ionian League, the Commonwealths of New Camelot, the Covenant of Arma, and many others; the Atlantean Empire; and Ashaan, the Sharaadi Migrants tomb world.
Defunct Garif AR
The Fh-98 Garif Successive-Phase Electromagnetic Coil Rifle (SP-ECR) Infantry Platform, or simply the Garif Assault Rifle, is the standard-issue medium-distance weapon platform developed by Kuureshi Manufacturing for the Unified Gaennai Army (UGA).

More info coming soon..

Edit (9Sep17): Realized this guy was super thicc. Not in the feasible way. So, I brought up the receiver, the pistol-grip assembly, and the bottom of the stock up into the body. I'm far more pleased with it, now.
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I know I don't do much on DA. I mean, I've had this account since I was in high school, back when I actually drew all the time. I've tried getting myself to do more in the vein of drawing, painting, what have you, but it's been difficult. Once I realized I could write, I stopped drawing. Entirely. I haven't really done anything of note until this year, believe it or not. Honestly, it's thanks to CoM.

Yup. No lies.

I'm part of the Chronicles of Man franchise.

I've been given a fantastic opportunity by ChroniclesofMan to rediscover the things I've loved and forgotten. Not only that, but my interstellar monarchy (the Empire of Gaennan) is canon. I've put months into the Gaennai and have started getting used to Illustrator to create my starships, flags, etc. Hopefully, this won't be a one-time thing. And, hopefully, I'll be able to fill this profile with tons of art like I'd wanted to when I was in high school. Whatever the case, I'm getting confident enough to return.

Glad to be back.


United States
(Cyberpunk) Writer. Navy veteran. Physics student. Deposed crown-prince of San Onofre. Skeptic.


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